We are a day ticket fishery in Cranbrook, Kent.  We have 6 lakes and 1 pond. All of our lakes are different so we can cater to most anglers, whether you want big perch, to bag up on carp, to get the bite alarms screaming with lots of doubles or simply sit out for a large carp, we have it all. Our lakes are maintained and managed to the highest of standards creating the best possible fishing environment and experience.


Bramley - Specimen Carp lake with 12 swims, 8 anglers max. Night fishing permitted. This lake has large Carp to 38lb+, ideal for both short and long session anglers.


Nick’s - Carp lake with 17 swims, 10 anglers max. Night fishing permitted. This lake has large Carp to 36lb+, ideal for both short and long session anglers.


Henniker - A idyllic, low stock pond with 2 swims. Night fishing permitted. Contains 9 pristine carp from 20lb to 27lb (the 32lb mirror died this year through spawning). Tree lined making it ideal for stalking, or peace and quiet on a longer session. 


Reservoir - A well known water among local anglers as being hugely prolific, especially in the warmer months, but still fishing well throughout the winter due to it’s greater depths. The Reservoir mainly contains a large stock of Carp from 3lb to 30lb+, along with a variety of other species.


Pear Tree - closed until 2021


Finches - A 11 swim Coarse/Silverfish lake, aimed at anglers who enjoy catching a variety of species. A mature hidden gem, with lily pads and reed beds, which is tree lined. Contains specimen Tench to 10lb+, Big Bream, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Crucian Carp, Orfe and Koi Carp.


Samson - Closed until November 2020. A 20 swim Match/Coarse lake. Stocked with carp to 20lb+, Perch to 5lb, Bream, Tench, Rudd  and Roach. This lake is ideal for anglers who want to catch fish steadily throughout the day.


Specimen Carp Lake


Specimen Carp Lake


Specimen Carp Pond


Carp/Coarse Lake


Coarse/Match Lake


Coarse/Match Lake


Coarse/Silverfish Lake

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