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Opening Times

Summer Opening   7.00am - 7.00pm

Winter Opening      7.00am - 5.30pm

You will not be able to enter or exit the fishery outside of these times, so please ensure you arrive or leave the fishery before the gate locks.


Fishery Rules

Bramley, Nick's, Pear Tree & Henniker (2 rods):

Day ticket - £20
24hr - £40

36hr - £60

All 12hr tickets after 36hr - £20
5 Days (Monday AM - Friday PM) - £130
Call 07703 825064 to book and check availability for sessions.


Reservoir (2 rods):

Day ticket - £17
Day ticket Concession - £15
24hr - £30

24hr Concession - £30

36hr - £45
Call 07703 825064 to book and check availability for sessions.


Samson & Finches

Day ticket 2 Rod - £13
Day ticket Concession 2 Rod - £10



Bramley Lake (8 anglers max), 2 rods

24hr - £320

36hr - £480

48hr - £640

(Monday AM - Friday PM) - £1,040

Week - £1,680

Call 07703 825064 to book and check availability.

Nicks Lake (10 anglers max), 2 rods

24hr - £400

36hr - £600

48hr - £800

(Monday AM - Friday PM) - £1,300

Week - £2,100

Call 07703 825064 to book and check availability.

Pear Tree Lake (6 anglers max), 2 rods

24hr - £240

36hr - £360

48hr - £480

(Monday AM - Friday PM) - £780

Week - £1,260

Call 07703 825064 to book and check availability.


We are currently using a booking system for day and night fishing, to book either click the link on the website, use the swimbooker app or you can also call the bailiff on 07703 825064 between 7am - 4pm ONLY (these are not fishing hours just hours to book). We are taking a card payment over the phone for the full balance of the session at the time of booking, for lake exclusive booking we require 50% at the time of booking and the remainder 6 weeks before. All payments are non refundable or transferable.

When booking a ticket you are not allocated a swim it is first come first serve on the day.

If you are running late for your evening session and will not be at the fishery before the gates lock then please arrive the following morning to start your session. (Your session will not be extended, or refunded for the lost time) If your session ends at 7AM please ensure you are packed up and off the lake for 7AM.

2 Rods maximum on the whole complex

All nets, slings and mats must be completely dry upon arrival, and be dipped in the disinfectant net dips provided

Minimum of 16” landing net and 80cm x 40cm unhooking mat on Finches and Samson

Minimum of 24” landing net and 90cm x 50cm unhooking mat on Reservoir

Minimum of 42” landing net and 110cm x 70cm unhooking mat on Bramley, Nicks, Pear Tree and Henniker​. One unhooking mat per swim, no sharing whatsoever

No keep nets or sacking of fish, fish to be held below knee level

No retaining of fish for longer than necessary in slings or nets

No lure fishing, livebait or deadbaiting

Barbless hooks only, no treble hooks

No plastic baits, cork or foam, zigs must be fished with a pop-up ​


No bait boats

All bivvies, brollies and shelters must be designed for fishing (no tents)

No swimming

The OMC magic twig is banned on all lakes across the complex

No nuts of any kind, particle must be correctly prepared beforehand

No braided mainline, except spod and marker setups

Running rigs, lead clips or semi-fixed leads only

No leadcore

Rig tubing or leaders (unleaded, safezone or similar) must be used when fishing on Bramley, Nick’s, Pear Tree and Henniker

No rods left unattended in the water at any time

Cast no further than half way when fishing opposite another angler

Fish from designated swims only, no stalking (expect for Henniker)

No litter or discarded line to be left anywhere on the complex, please use the bins provided. You will be permanently banned from the complex if found to be littering in any way

No dogs, guns, radios or excessive noise. You are responsible for your own swim, be mindful and respectful of other anglers

Use the angler’s toilets provided

Anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or over

Spectators will be charged 50% of the person they are spectating, no more than 1 spectator per angler. Spectators must be aged 7 or over

Anglers must be in possession of a valid rod license

BBQs are permitted, but must be raised off the ground, or on a stone slab

For security reasons all vehicles and people on site will be locked in on site over night till the following morning. (Times the gates are locked are on the main entrance gate and can also be found via the website) Anglers may only leave during the night for emergencies only.

The management accepts no responsibility for injury, death, loss, damage or theft to persons, cars or equipment whilst on the complex, and reserves the right to close all, or parts of the complex at any time. Damage to the complex will result in prosecution. Management have the right to change the rules and ban any anglers or close the lake without prior notice.

Fish Care
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