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Nicks Lake - Specimen Carp Lake

Another specimen Carp lake, slightly less challenging than Bramley. If you’re just looking for a good chance to get a bend in the rod, or hoping to catch something slightly more special, Nick’s Lake offers the opportunity for both. A sheltered, carpy looking water, lined with reed beds and overhanging willows, holding 240 beautiful carp from 7 to 36lb+ with 6 fish over 30lb. With 17 tailor made, gravel swims, and three islands, Nick’s has ample features to fish to, including marginal shelves and drop offs.

From the 16th of October Nicks will be open everyday of the week and WE NO LONGER SUPPLY THE FISH CARE EQUIPMENT.

Quick Facts

No Of Swims:     17

Max Anglers:      10

Lake Record:      36lb

Max Depth:         6.5ft

Walk from car:   15-155m

nicks lake .jpg
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