Matches are a fundamental part of Hartley Lands Fishery. The 2021 prices to book the whole of  Samson Lake is £140, we also provide part lake bookings for smaller matches and they are charged at £80 for Samson Lake (10pegs), extra pegs can be purchased at £8 per peg. Matches must be booked in advance, please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Check out which dates are AVAILABLE for booking and if lakes are free for day fishing. If the swims are specified then the rest of the pegs are available for day ticket fishing (e.g. if a match on Samson is (swims 1-10), then swims 11-20 are open for day ticket fishing.


The bailiff will provide you with a safety weigh mat for every set of scales you intend to use when it comes to weighing the fish, these MUST be used. This is to ensure fish safety and minimise any damage to the fish during weigh in.

All anglers must use the net dips provided for both landing and keepnets, before they start fishing. Please allow ten or so minutes after dipping your nets before putting them in the water. The dips help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. 

You are allowed a maximum of one 5 hour match or a 6 hour match in any one day. Please let the bailiff know of your intended weigh in times.

Make sure to use barbless hooks only.

Any fish over 8lb should not be retained in keepnets, and is to be weighed immediately and returned to the water, THE SCALES MUST BE TAKEN TO THE FISH NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. Please only put fish of a similar size in the same keepnet, this is to prevent any smaller fish from being crushed or damaged. 

Place fish into the keepnet carefully, no dropping or throwing. 

Do not hold the fish in a towel at any point.

Fish must not be retained in keepnets for longer than is necessary. At any one time the maximum weight of fish to be in any one keepnet should not exceed 60lb. Please strictly adhere to this rule. Any keepnets in excess of 60lb, will have the excess weight deducted (you may have 80lb of fish in a net, but that net will still only count 60lb towards your final weight).

When it comes to weighing in, please ensure the scales are setup and ready to go before lifting the keepnet out of the water. Please leave your keepnet in the water whilst running the fish down the net. When emptying fish from the keepnet into the weigh sling, please do so with care, over the provided weigh mat, ensuring the fish are not dropped on top of one another from a height. 

If weighing the fish in stages, please return the net holding the other fish back into the water in between the weighing stages. Weighing in is the most stressful time for the fish so please do your utmost to ensure they are handled with due care. 

When returning fish to the water, ensure the fish are in the water before releasing them from the net, do not drop, tip or throw fish back into the lake.

No nuts to be used at any time. 

All litter must be taken home or put in the bins provided. Any club or angler found to be leaving litter at the fishery will not be welcome back. 

Please keep to the paths provided where possible. 


Please complete the match results sheet provided and hand it in to the bailiff, or leave it in the letter box which is situated by the electric gate.

We withhold the right to ban any angler whom we feel is in breach of the above rules.

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